I cannot say enough about the fantastic work that Alan Golden has done on our phone system.  He has guided us with setup, training and still goes out of his way to help us!  His level of expertise and his upbeat personality is so refreshing and his turnaround time is lightning quick.  It was an absolute pleasure working with Alan and I highly recommend that you use his service for all of your consulting needs.

2015 Developer of the Year
Commercial Real Estate Development Association
Chicago Chapter

Bridge Development Partners
Maura N - Executive Assistant / Marketing Coordinator

Alan is a key and valued advisor to our enterprise network needs.  He brings us insights and deals that we would otherwise find very difficult or impossible to find.  He has saved us a lot of money thru his expertise, diligence,  and  industry contacts.

$450M global logistics firm

AIT Worldwide logistics
Clay V - Director of Information Technology

When I started at UCAN two years and half years ago as Vice President of Information Technology I encountered many challenges with the technology that was left behind.

That being said I needed a STRONG, TRUSTED and KNOWLEDGEABLE business partner that will act as an advisor in the areas of telecommunications and data center to mention a few. That is the role Alan Golden has played at UCAN. He is always accessible and willing to help. Nowadays, any NEW technology I try to bring in our organization I run it by Alan because I am sure he will advise us to make the correct decision. Even if he does not know the technology, he reaches out to his vast list of contacts and researches it for us.

In a non-profit organization where budgets are extremely challenging making the correct technical decision is critical.  Alan helps his clients to do so …  

Thank you for all your help and support. 

Founded in 1860, UCAN is one of the largest non-profit organization employing over 600 people in the Chicagoland area.

UCAN Chicago
Nicolas L - UCAN Vice President of Information Technology